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We are metaphysical beings, meaning we consist of body, mind and soul.  The physical, emotional and spiritual levels are interconnected.  Thus an imbalance, block or disharmony on one level will also manifest on the other levels.


After exploring various research, I came to the conclusion that each human being has the inner capacity to facilitate self-healing on various levels (emotional, physical and spiritual),  This healing capacity is an innate gift.  This gift can only be accessed when we are willing, ready and when we choose to work through various layers of trauma, enculteration, limiting beliefs, dealing with our inner-child and becoming aware of our defense mechanisms, that lies hidden at sub-conscious level.

This healing journey, takes courage and commitment.  It is a process of self-discovery that result in change and growth on all levels.  The uncovering of deep-seated core issues may feel uncomfortable even terrifying at times, but once released it is absolutely liberating.

If you are truly ready to embark on this life changing journey, I will assist you to explore and identify deep-seated core issues by means of talk therapy, based on my years of experience in counselling.  Thereafter I will identify a modality or combination of modalities from the "Wellness & Wholeness Trio",  attending to the issue at hand.

The "WELLNESS & WHOLENESS TRIO"which includes

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques),

QEC (Quantum Energy Coaching) and

TRE (Trauma and Tension Release Exercises)

will assist you in dealing with and release tension, stress, trauma, limiting beliefs, negative thought patterns, bad habits and will empower you to instill new beliefs, positive thought patterns, good habits and gain a permanent sense of groundedness. 


On a personal level and through experience with my clients, I have found that traditional talk therapy are excellent in identifying core issues and facilitating improvement to some extend, but have notice some limitations.  I became intrigued by overcoming these perceived limitations.  The focus was on facilitating positive change much faster and permanently.  Even though it still takes time to work through various layers of aspects, the results was astonishing.  I feel immensely grateful for I have found the

"Wellness & Wholeness Trio" to be very effective in facilitating change much faster and permanently.  The 'Wellness & Wholeness Trio" are safe, non-invasive and user-friendly self-help modalities that are complimentary to medical treatment and other types of therapies.